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The Healing the Spectrum Podcast

Autism symptoms can be challenging, both for your child and for you as a parent, but many symptoms have roots in a medical issue and can improve . Every Tuesday join your hosts Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble as they discuss the biomedical approach to maximizing the health and quality of life of kids on the spectrum and provide expert interviews on topics you care about most. Our podcast is focused on giving you the information and support you need to help you and your child thrive!


Featured: Expert Interview - Dr. Dane Fliedner with Lighthouse Complex Care

Season 2, Episode 1

About Our Podcast

The Healing the Spectrum podcast is brought to you by the moms at, a learning and support community for parents interested in a biomedical approach to improving the health of their child on the autism spectrum. Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble wanted a way to share hope and information that was conversational and helps you get to know them. They envision parents listening in the car on the way to drop the kids off, while waiting during a child’s therapy appointment, or in the 15-20 minutes they can find for themselves during the week. Their goal is to support parents with real talk and help them navigate life after an autism diagnosis.

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Collaborating with Clients

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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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Meet The Hosts

Lily Holmes

Lily Holmes

Alexis Tibble

Alexis Tibble

Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble met when Alexis’ son got an autism diagnosis, and she reached out for help.  Lily had been using and researching the biomedical approach for her own child and helping other parents for a few years.  Soon Alexis was helping other moms too. As their knowledge grew and so did the number of parents reaching out to them, they soon realized they needed a way to help more people.

Together they have a mission to change the standard of care for autism through educating and empowering moms (and some dads too) about the biomedical treatment options available.