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Season 1, Episode 6

8 Potty Training Tips

Dec 11, 2018 | biomed, parenting | 8 comments

There are a lot of things which can be more challenging for our kiddos and one of them is definitely toilet training. Get eight potty training tips and recommendations as well as the wins and woes of Lily’s potty training journey with her little guy. We affectionately refer to this one as the “poopisode” đŸ˜‰

NOTE: Since this episode was recorded Bear has actually fully potty trained for both pee and poop with no accidents for two weeks so far! We started asking him whether he wanted to wear a pull-up or underwear to school and he started choosing underwear more and more often until he was finally wearing underwear consistently.

The only other thing we did differently was we started working with a Classical Homeopathy practitioner again so although that tip is not discussed in the episode it’s definitely one to consider!

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Lily Holmes



  1. Sheila Opoku-Adwini

    Great! Thank you for all the hope. We started biomed dec 4, 2018. If I understood clearly. Homeopathy influence your success with potty training? Please help me find one in Canada, Ontario L8e 0h1.

    Thank you

  2. Lily

    Hi Sheila,

    Yes, we felt that it made a difference for us to get him that last bit of the way to fully trained. Most homeopaths can meet with you via Skype so you don’t necessarily need to find one locally. Try a Google search for classical homeopathy practitioners and autism and contact a few of them to find one who is a fit for you đŸ™‚ Thanks for supporting the podcast!

  3. Rafia

    Hi, I need ur help regarding biomedical treatment for son is 4 and half year old and diagnosed as autism. I m just giving him homeopathy medicine which is really effective and want to start biomed as well but many parents said that it’s not effective for long term plz share ur experience and ur son current situation??

  4. Malina

    Hello Sheila, I also live in Toronto, Canada. Can you please tell me who/where you went to get biomed?

  5. Malina

    Hello Sheila, I also live in Toronto, Canada. I have a homeopathic doctor we go see. I can give you information. Can you please tell me who/where you went for biomed?

  6. Lily

    Hi Rafia,

    Homeopathy was helpful for us too! Biomed has been great for us long term which is part of why we are so committed to launching our site with courses and our community! You can read my whole story on our main site if you click on “Our Journey” in the menu. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide one-on-one coaching, but we are excited to be able to provide support through the membership site once it opens! It’s great to be able to get the help of many parents and all work together!

  7. Lily

    Hi Malina,

    Have you already contacted Dr. Doherty in Canada? Her site is Hope that helps!


  8. Malina Karimzada

    Thank you. I will get in touch with Dr. Doherty.