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Join your hosts Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble for a new Season of Healing the Spectrum. Topics range from understanding traditional therapies to biomedical choices to navigating life and the changes that come with having a child with special needs.


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Expert Interview – Dr. Dane Fliedner With Lighthouse Complex Care


We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Fliedner and talk about a clinic for kids with special and complex medical needs and their unique approach to treatment.

He shares his own struggles with finding care for his child and how that shaped his journey to becoming a leading expert in biomedical treatment. We know you’re going to enjoy it!

Season 2, Episode 1    |    12 min


Stimming, or self-stimulatory behavior can help a person to regulate themselves. It can help them “tune out” other input when they are overstimulated or make them more comfortable by providing extra input if they are understimulated…

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Exciting News About Camel Milk

We are back with our friend Connor Heering from Camel Milk Co-Op with some exciting news! Join our chat about a new product that can make using camel milk so much easier, reduce waste, and help save you money too!

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Picky Eating and Autism: What Causes It and Strategies that Help

Is your child just a picky eater or do you have a problem feeder? Learn the difference and how you can help in our interview with Shandy Laskey, an SLP, nutritionist, and mealtime and feeding coach. Discover the things that can cause picky eating and some ways to support yourself and your child on the road to happier, healthier meals and a better relationship with food.

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Glyphosate: What You Need To Know – Part 2

Let’s talk glyphosate! Should you be worried about it? We sat down with Jessica E, (@momcologist_on_a_mission) a mom who is a fierce advocate for toxin-free living. After her daughter got sick, she started learning everything she could about glyphosate and she’s here to share her story and her vast knowledge with you about this important topic.

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Glyphosate: What You Need To Know

Let’s talk glyphosate! Should you be worried about it? We sat down with Jessica E, (@momcologist_on_a_mission) a mom who is a fierce advocate for toxin-free living. After her daughter got sick, she started learning everything she could about glyphosate and she’s here to share her story and her vast knowledge with you about this important topic.

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Alexis’ PANS/PANDAS Experience: Her Story and Guidance For Others

After such a huge response to our YouTube vid on PANS/PANDAS last week, we knew we had to do more for you guys. Alexis gets candid and shares her journey from how she knew, to working with providers, to the steps she took to help her son start to recover. She shares tips for parents just starting this journey (or struggling through it) and hope for positive outcomes.

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Expert Interview: Choosing Safer Products with Cleaner Stephanie

Want to learn more about how to choose products that are safer for you and your family? In this week’s interview, we dive into that and so much more with Cleaner Stephanie, a special needs mom and oncology nurse who increased her own health and her family’s through learning about cleaner products. She is committed to educating other moms about safe products and shares her best tips and resources with us! She also tells about her advocacy efforts from local all the way up to the national level. Truly an inspirational, amazing mom and a great conversation!

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New Tests for Identifying Autism: What You Need to Know

Early intervention has been shown again and again to improve outcomes for kids on the spectrum. Two companies have developed tests in an effort to help create objective measures for diagnosis and in this episode, we tell you what you need to know. Even if you don’t want to get these tests done, they demonstrate the validity of the biomedical approach and the medical underpinnings of autism symptoms in many children.

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Rethinking Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is doctor-recommended and generally considered one of the safest things you can give for fevers and for the vast majority of kids that’s absolutely true. Most parents give acetaminophen products without a second thought. What we didn’t understand is that the way it functions in the body can be problematic for some children on the autism spectrum. In this episode, we dig into the science and some alternatives because we wish someone had shared it with us sooner.

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Expert Interview – Dr. Sheryl Ziegler Author of Mommy Burnout

If you are a mommy who has ever felt overwhelmed or a man who loves an overwhelmed mommy, this podcast is for you. So many moms struggle with feelings of overwhelm and having a special needs child adds an additional layer to that which we sometimes don’t talk about. Dr. Sheryl Ziegler addresses these issues and so many more with both research and compassion in her book Mommy Burnout and, to our great joy, in this week’s podcast. Take some time for yourself today and join the conversation!

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Expert Interview – Connor with Camel Milk Cooperative

Camel milk is gaining popularity with many families across the world. There are so many health benefits to camel milk and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this episode with you. Lily was able to interview Connor with Camel Milk Cooperative about how Camel Milk Co-op is different than other farms currently in the market. They also review some frequently asked questions about camel milk products.

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Expert Interview – Homeopathy with Naomi Zeskind

We have gotten so many questions lately from you guys about homeopathy and how it can help kids on the autism spectrum! If you’re one of those folks, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. Lily got the opportunity to interview Naomi Zeskind, a homeopathic educator, and ask her all the questions you’ve submitted and more! We are thrilled to share this deep dive into homeopathy from this month’s expert.

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Sleep Issues and Autism Part 2

In this second part of our two-part series on sleep, we go deeper into some things you may need to address to solve sleep issues. We also offer 5 strategies other parents have used to improve and support healthy sleep.

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Sleep Issues and Autism Part 1

Falling asleep and staying asleep can be difficult for those on the autism spectrum. Lily discusses what finally resolved her son’s sleep issues and shares 5 common causes of sleep problems to give you a better understanding of what may help your child find sleep.

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Interview with ABA Therapist Lauren M

Alexis had the opportunity to sit down with her son’s ABA therapist, Lauren M., and discuss some misconceptions people might have about ABA and the kinds of things ABA can help with. She even shares some ABA methods you can apply now to help with potty training or any other behaviors you are working on with your child..

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Had a Bad Day

Parenting can be challenging, especially when you have a child with unique needs. Throw the stress of the holidays in the mix and you have a recipe for burnout and overwhelm. We understand!! Come hang out with us while we discuss the things that help us the most when we are struggling to keep our heads up.

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8 Potty Training Tips

There are a lot of things which can be more challenging for our kiddos and one of them is definitely toilet training. Get eight potty training tips and recommendations as well as the wins and woes of Lily’s potty training journey with her little guy. We affectionately refer to this one as the “poopisode” 😉

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Relationship Changes

It’s an unexpected side effect, but after your child receives a diagnosis some of your friendships and even your relationship with your partner might change. Some might fade away altogether. In this episode, Lily and Alexis discuss their experiences and share some ways to cope and the importance of making new connections with other parents on the same journey.

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ABA vs DIR/Floortime

Did you know there is an alternative to ABA? After a diagnosis ABA is sometimes the only behavioral therapy mentioned to parents, but it’s not your only option. Lily and Alexis chat about their experiences with ABA and Floortime and explain how they are different and the benefits of each so you can make an informed choice for your kiddo.

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Why We Choose the Biomedical Approach

Controversial, but necessary, our inaugural episode will explain why we support and choose the biomedical approach to helping kids with autism to feel their best. When our kids were diagnosed we couldn’t accept that the discomfort of chronic constipation, the sleeplessness, the self-harming, were just “part of autism”. Dive into some of the research, understand the controversy, and decide for yourself what approach makes sense for your family.

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Expert Interview – Speech Tips From A Speech Therapist

Myth busting tips from Rebecca Sobolevsky, MS, CCC-SLP! Hang out with Lily and her favorite speech therapist as they discuss assistive technology for speech delay, early intervention, and tips for increasing communication. So many parents are missing out on tools that could help their children because they don’t know what to advocate for, but it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore! Learn what to ask for and how to help your child communicate with this month’s expert interview!

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Whether your child was recently diagnosed or it’s been a while if you and your child are struggling with difficult symptoms it can feel hopeless. Many of us don’t get the support we need from our friends or pediatricians. It’s not that they don’t want to help, they may just not know how. That’s why we created a private community for parents just like you, to fill that gap.

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