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Season 1, Episode 20

Glyphosate: What You Need To Know – Part 2

Jul 19, 2019 | biomed, detox, mom life |

Let’s talk glyphosate! Should you be worried about it? We sat down with Jessica E, (@momcologist_on_a_mission) a mom who is a fierce advocate for toxin-free living. After her daughter got sick, she started learning everything she could about glyphosate and she’s here to share her story and her vast knowledge with you about this important topic. Learn how it can harm, and what you can do about it in part two of our two-part conversation about this pervasive chemical.





Lily Holmes

Jessica E (@momcologist_on_a_mission)



Stephanie Seneff PhD
Anthony Samsel PhD
Gilles Seralini PhD
Zach Bush MD
Carey Gillam
Zen Honeycutt
Rachel Carson
White Wash by Carey Gillam
Unstoppable by Zen Honeycutt
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Poison foods of North America by Tony Mitra