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Season 1, Episode 2

What is the Biomedical Approach to Autism

Nov 24, 2018 | biomed | 8 comments

A deeper dive into what the biomedical treatment of autism is and what it entails for those who haven’t heard of it or aren’t as familiar with it as they’d like to be.

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Lily Holmes



  1. ogochukwu augoye


    My name is ogo.I have a son who has diagnoses of autism and is 4years and 3months.How can i help him with biomedical approach.Recently we had him tested on heavy metals and result they can only be send to our Gp.Is more than 3weeks the Gp is not calling or letting us know about the result. I know they have receive the result but they said they dont treat heavy metals. I know my son has alot on his system because,alot of the examples you said on your site my son have them.Examples he hadly have his bowel open 8days to weeks and you see him bloated. Please what can i do following the biomedics.
    Thanks .
    Ogo augo ,

  2. Kuljit

    Guide 474747

  3. Wendy Humes

    Can you please send me the provider listing

  4. Lily

    Hi! This code works by sending a text to the number 474747 that contains only the word guide. It doesn’t work by posting it here or by emailing. Thankfully it looks like you are already a subscriber so you’re already signed up to receive our email series 🙂

  5. Lily

    Hi Wendy! The provider listing is available to members within the membership site as part of their subscription. Our membersite is about to enter testing and we expect to open our doors within about a month 🙂

  6. Georgia bland

    Hi lily and alexis my daughter is 4 years old with autism can you please send me some information on biomed treatment also do you have a telephone number to ring to talk thankyou georgia

  7. Nadine Hylton

    My daughter was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago she is doing speech therapy and occupational therapy. I would like more info on heavy metal testing and biomes . She is such a bright little girl I worry about her communication it worries me that she can’t communication with me because she does not understand. I would appreciate some guidance on what to do

  8. Ihuoma Njeremibe

    My son has been diagnosed with autism, last two months ago. He is 4 years old. You talked about pain and discomfort, my son has this thing or should I call it habit of sudden crying at thesame time putting his hands in his pants holding his penis (ball area) , he is fussy with food. He only eat bacon for now.
    How can I start this biomed treatment, I refused to accept he is autistic.